Weed Out the Competition

Weeds are a problem in your garden for many reasons.

They can steal the precious sunlight from your tomatoes, soak up soil nutrients that should be in your cucumbers, and create a secondary or overwintering home for the beetles chewing on your cabbage. That’s not okay. You’ve worked hard on your garden, so those pesky plants are going to have to go. Here are some ways to control your weed population.

Get Ready to Garden!

That’s right, gardening! It’s never too early to start thinking about what to grow this spring... 'tis the season!

My Wife’s Almost Marinara, Marinara

Written by Jesse Hickman

The time we have all been waiting for has finally arrived... Ripe tomatoes! It often happens over the course of a week, even overnight, when all of a sudden you can’t even believe the abundant bounty of tomatoes that are falling off your tomato plants. This year I grew Low Acid Yellow Tomatoes, as well as the standard Red Heirloom Tomato; they have been incredible and so delicious all summer long!

Growing Matters Volunteer Spotlight: Kathryn Kiefer

Local Matters recently began a new recognition program for volunteers! We will be selecting a recipient monthly and recognizing them for their outstanding commitment to Local Matters! This month, we are highlighting an individual from our Growing Matters program.

Get to know our people: Meet Kathryn Kiefer from Columbus!

Why Kathryn got involved with Growing Matters

Summertime Fun in the Garden

Written by Jesse Hickman, Growing Matters Program Manager

Many of you know me as the “Master Gardener” at Local Matters where I have been installing and maintaining gardens all around the city and teaching children and adults about healthful foods and how to grow them. It may not surprise you that in my free time I do a lot in my own garden and wanted to share some new ideas with you that I am working on this season.

OMUF Graduates are Building Healthier Communities

The Ohio Master Urban Farmer (OMUF) program hosted by OSU Extension and Local Matters was a great success! It was so exciting to see our diverse group of attendees learning practical skills to grow food in urban environments.

It's Growing Good with Urban Farming

There is a reason it’s called Ohio Master Urban Farmer Workshop Series. After sitting in on one of the workshops, anyone with only a basic understanding of what urban farming entails would easily triple their knowledge.

Starting Seeds Indoors Can Put You on the Right Path to Your Garden

I can hardly believe it’s almost the time of year to start planning and preparing for the garden. We are so excited here at Local Matters to get back outside and help people discover ways to connect to truly delicious, healthful food!

Thank You Trish - Growing Matters Manager Changes

If you know Local Matters, then you know Trish Clark, Growing Matters Program Manager, who has been with the organization practically since our founding five years ago. She is a passionate educator, community organizer, and committed grower whose work extends well beyond measure.  From yard gardens in Weinland Park to weekly garden sessions at Amethyst, Inc., Trish is a tireless advocate and dedicated team member.  

Columbus’s First Annual Fall Seed Swap – What, How & Why


By Elizabeth Neer

The seed swap is on Saturday, October 20, 2012, at 11:30 am – 2:00 pm at OSU Urban Arts Space.

It is FREE and open to the public. This is because we firmly believe that growing healthy, delicious food is cultural work that should be shared by everyone in the community.  We all eat, right?