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We’ve got history…

Local Matters co-founders Michael Jones and Noreen Warnock first met in the summer of 2005. Each had followed different, but equally passionate, roads to their initial meeting, sitting in two rusted, white chairs under a shaded tree. Despite their separate journeys, they quickly discovered a shared love of food and a concern about how our food was being grown, distributed, and consumed. This was and is having a direct impact on the health of our bodies, our land, and our community.

Following a series of conversations and through lots of engagement with community partners, Michael and Noreen chose the creation and implementation of a healthful food education curriculum for young children as a place to begin Local Matters' journey. This curriculum drew from their collective expertise in public health, food preparation, community organizing, and food system logistics. This set the foundation and vision for our organization.

Fast forward to today, through the work of dedicated staff and board members, Local Matters is a recognized leader and community collaborator, increasing critical healthful food education and food access to combat food insecurity and diet-related diseases, particularly in low-income communities.


Annual Reports

Every year, we compile annual reports to recognize our milestones, accomplishments, and progress in the fight against food insecurity. Take a stroll through our annual report archive to learn more about our history.

2023 Annual Report Cover

2023 Annual Report

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