Mission, Vision, Values

Local Matters Meal Kit

Our Mission:

Local Matters works to create healthier communities through food education, access, and advocacy.

Our Vision:

Local Matters aims to create equitable access to a sustainable food system and a world free of food-related chronic disease.

Our Values:


Supporting the human right to healthful, culturally appropriate food produced in a just and sustainable manner. We support community-specific food solutions and advocate for policies and programs that will advance mission-related education, access, and production.


Providing a foundation of knowledge for people to make thoughtful decisions about their food.

We teach children and adults about healthful food: how to grow it, how to cook it, and how to access it affordably.


Inspiring each of us to consider why our food choices matter and how food connects us.

We inspire people to take action to change our current food system.

Collaborative Leadership

Taking a leadership role to share responsibility and resources in an intentional and strategic way. We develop cross-sector collaborations to impact systemic food and health issues.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Recognizing that diversity, equity, and inclusion strengthen our work and support our growth. We welcome and engage different voices, perspectives, and backgrounds to achieve our mission.


Uplifting the joy that food brings to our lives when we gather to eat together.

We celebrate the joy and connections that food fosters in our community.

Local Matters Team and Volunteers

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Local Matters believes everyone has a right to food, and we understand that the outcomes of systemic racism prevent people from having equitable access to resources such as land, supermarkets, food business opportunities, and education. As a result, people of color experience higher rates of poverty, food insecurity and diet-related chronic disease.

We recognize the primacy of this issue and the additional effects of discrimination including that by gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, ability, and citizenship. We actively pursue diversity, equity, and inclusion across our organization, including in how we support communities with food education, access, and advocacy, as well as how we recruit and retain board, staff, donors, and volunteers. We commit to examining our biases and striving to counteract inequity.

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