Food Advocacy

Local Matters Food Advocacy

Advocating for Comprehensive Food Policies and Priorities

Advocacy efforts - both at the community and legislative levels - are fundamental parts of working towards food justice. We focus our advocacy efforts on projects and campaigns that strive for better nutrition education, healthy food access, food-related social safety nets, and sustainable agriculture.

Our Policy Priorities

Food Education in Schools

Nutrition Education

Local Matters advocates that comprehensive nutrition education is fundamental to decreasing the rate of chronic diet-related disease in the next generation. Therefore, we affirm that nutrition education should be included in health education curriculum across Ohio and be made available to all in grades K-12.

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Healthy Food Access

Local Matters recognizes that too often, one of the first barriers to eating healthy is access to healthy foods. We advocate for systemic change that creates the opportunity for everyone to access healthy, affordable food.


Food-Related Social Safety Nets

Local Matters looks to the government – local, state, and federal – to do their part in ensuring that social safety nets, such as Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), exist for and are accessible to those who need help. We work with our representatives to be a voice for food justice, for our neighbors struggling to make ends meet, and for a sustainable food system.

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Sustainable Agriculture

Sustainable agriculture is the backbone for a healthy, robust food system. We advocate for a food system that protects consumers, producers, farmers, food, and environment. Each participant in the system has the potential to affect our health, livelihood, and future.

Local Matters Community Food Advocates Group

Meet our Community Advocates

The Community Advocates Group was founded to lead critical conversations around topics like food access, food justice, and emergency preparedness. In 2023, the group engaged legislators and partners like AEP and the American Red Cross to advance relevant efforts around emergency planning and response. They continue to address the community’s most pressing barriers at their monthly meetings.

Advocacy Resources

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