Food Education

Classroom Food Education

Investing in Food-Focused Education

Local Matters provides in-depth programming that prioritizes health and nutrition to people at all ages and stages in life.

Food Education Services

Food Nutrition Classroom

Addressing Hunger

One in seven children in Ohio face hunger. Nutrition education at a young age leads to long-lasting dietary changes and better health outcomes. At Local Matters, we offer comprehensive programming for all ages, but we have a distinct focus on pre-K and elementary school education. Our weekly Food Matters in Your Classroom curriculum reinforces lesson retention and encourages familiarity between students and their food educators.

Community Cooking Classes

Community Cooking Classes

Local Matters’ hands-on cooking classes encourage participants to strengthen their skills while preparing a meal from scratch. Each session includes tips and tricks like knife skills, nutritional information, and more. Our cooking classes allow family and friends to create memories while preparing a nutritious meal together.

Gardens and Growing

Gardens and Growing

Local Matters maintains educational gardens around Columbus at our partner sites. These gardens serve as learning spaces for our students and provide fresh fruits and vegetables to the surrounding neighborhoods, as well as the Veggie Van. We also offer gardening workshops throughout the year to encourage community growing efforts.

Local Matters Fresh Vegetable Garden

Food Waste Diversion

Addressing food waste is an important component of creating food secure communities. Local Matters’ programming incorporates food waste education and diversion efforts, including lessons on composting. Moreover, our organization is able to repurpose leftover food waste from the Veggie Van and cooking classes through an in-office industrial composter, creating new life through the production of soil for our gardens. This work is bolstered by the efforts of Columbus Food Rescue; click here to learn more about their critical work.


Food Justice

Everyone deserves access to healthy, affordable, and quality food - no matter their zip code or circumstance. Local Matters offers an in-depth look at food insecurity, food justice, and food sovereignty through thorough conversations with community members.

Local Matters Food Education

Maternal Health

Local Matters’ maternal health programming combines food-focused nutritional knowledge with a wide scope of community resources and holistic remedies, and as a result, improves a person’s pregnancy status and potential birthing and postpartum outcomes.

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