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Quick and Simple Tips for Shopping on a Budget

Being prepared for your grocery store trips can help you purchase healthier food and save money. From reading food labels to comparing unit prices, check out these simple shopping tips below before you next grocery visit.

Our Shopping Tips

Fresh Fruits and Veggies Shopping

Build a budget

Understand your budget before you visit the grocery store. If you utilize SNAP/EBT, be sure to take your benefits into account. Click here to view a budget calendar example for SNAP families, and click here to explore a grocery budget calculator.

Don't forget: The Veggie Van accepts cash, credit/debit, SNAP/EBT, Produce Perks, and more! Visit the Veggie Van website here.

Local Matters Meal Planning and Recipes

Plan Meals Ahead of Time

Taking time to plan your meals ahead of your grocery trip can help you save money and reduce food waste. Click here to learn more about meal planning for your family.

PRO TIP: Check out the Veggie Van's monthly meal kits. Each kit is $10 and feeds four people.

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Fresh vs. Frozen vs. Canned

Did you know that frozen and canned vegetables/fruits are just as healthy as their fresh counterparts? In fact, frozen and canned produce typically retain more nutrients than fresh produce, as it's frozen or canned immediately after harvesting. Frozen and canned vegetables/fruits are healthy, affordable, and convenient.

PRO TIP: Some canned vegetables may have added sodium, so be sure to rinse off your canned vegetables prior to preparing your meal to lower sodium content.


What’s in Season?

Fresh produce is cheaper when it’s in season. Click here to see a full list of seasonal varieties, and click here to watch a video with tips and tricks for finding the best produce in season.

Did you know the Veggie Van carries local produce throughout most of the year? Whether it be melons, collards, or herbs, we're always working hard to ensure shoppers can access local produce at an affordable price.


Compare Unit Pricing

You can save money by considering the unit pricing of items at the grocery store. Learn how to read price labels here.

BONUS: Visit our YouTube channel for a grocery store tour - available in both English and Spanish. This tour will further explain unit pricing.

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Check out Local Matters’ hands-on cooking classes to learn more about cooking tips, recipe substitutions, and more. Save your spot today.

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